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“There are times when silence has the loudest voice”

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Birthdate:Jan 13
Location:London, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

I live in London, come from N. Ireland originally.

Interests: Music (metal/grunge/goth rock - but have pretty eclectic tastes in music), travelling, photography, languages (French and German), training to be Mad Cat Lady extraordinaire, writing, cooking (a girl has to eat!), and, sometimes, far too much introspection and lazing around.

Love writing, or used to. Older LJ friends will tell you that I used to write at least a post a day - Aaah, where have those days gone?! Most of my LJ friends seem to have migrated to Facebook and I find that a lot less conducive to writing frenzies.

Got 5 rescue cats. The cats are currently laying waste to my flat, but - hey - at least they're not on the streets!

I've met a lot of my LJ friends, and we're now friends in real life too. I think it's a shame that Facebook and Twitter has lured so many people away.

A sufferer of late onset game-geekery who really should be old enough to know better. When not causing long-term damage to my eyes with extended staring at a computer screen, I'm out at gigs, or travelling abroad to gigs or attempting to reclaim some kind of *real life*.

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